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A podcast about colour analysis in the wild. The hosts Christine Scaman and Jorunn Hernes talk about topics related to colour analysis and how to use colours to make your days brighter, your wardrobe more enjoyable, and your life easier. For detailed show notes and links, visit

We discuss the values and limitations of Season stereotypes, those categories that describe 'average' or 'general' appearances of persons in each of the 12 groups of natural colouring. Where do they come from,  why do they exist, and how might they help or hinder us with our own colour choices?

Duration total: 48.03 minutes



Christine's YouTube video, Autumn Progressions, Part 4. 

Terry's blog post, The Misunderstood Season, at Chrysalis Colour. 

Jorunn's blog post, Dark Autumn Inspiration Without Using Brown, at Nordic Simplicity.

Jorunn's blog post, Soft Summer Inspiration Without Using Blue, at Chrysalis Colour.


Jorunn's book reference at Amazon: 

Cat Jarman: River Kings


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We meet with style and image analyst, Cate Linden of Louisville, Kentucky, USA, and are inspired by Cate's approach for merging science and technique with beauty, practicality, and soulfulness.

  1. Becoming a style analyst and Cate's vision for clients (3.00)
  2. PCA (Personal Colour Analysis), PIA (Personal Image Analysis), and Cate's style and colour journey (6.55)
  3. Coaching and Cate's approach to styling (14.30)
  4. The client's process and wearing our soul (21.17)
  5. How coaching helps bring our colours and style into our lives (24.41)
  6. About magic and mindset (43.21)
  7. The transformative power of our Season (48.47)
  8. Travel and plans for the future (52.18)
  9. Insights from clients (55.28)

Duration total: 59.19 min.



Cate's website:

Cate on Instagram:

Cate on Pinterest:

Cate on Facebook: 

Cate's personal soul board on Pinterest:

Style and image analysts at Chrysalis Colour:


Comments or Questions? Please visit Chrysalis Colour to find each episode in the Podcast directory and add your thoughts in the Comments box. We'd love to talk!


We meet Sci\ART and 12 Blueprints colour analyst, Mary Steele Lawler of Luminosity in Mississippi. A wonderful storyteller, Mary Steele shares personal and professional insights about colour in a warm climate.

  1. Mary Steele's journey as a colour analyst and upcoming business relaunch (1.27 min)
  2. How Mary Steele never stops thinking about colour (6.25)
  3. The importance of being happy in our colours (9.48)
  4. The wellbeing of being surrounded by our colours in our homes(13.01)
  5. Shopping for colours and neutrals (and black!) in the Southern USA (18.37)
  6. How 'normal' in appearance is influenced by climate, traditions, and place (23.14)
  7. The PCA Seasons we see most often (44.36)
  8. The Southern approach to makeup and hair colour (53.28)
  9. Mary Steele's favourite products and wearing her colours today (58.23)
  10. A bit more about interior paint colours and Season (1.09)
  11. Where in Mississippi is Indianola? (1.13)

Duration total: 1hr 16  min 



Contact: The website will be live April 1/22. (You may see a redirect from the previous, Luminosity.)

3 eye products discussed in the episode with notes from Mary Steele:

1. : essence | Lash Princess False Lash Waterproof Mascara | Cruelty Free (Pack of 1) : Beauty & Personal Care

This is the mascara I refer to as Dance Recital mascara. Do you all have dance recitals? In Mississippi, little girls who take dancing lessons have a big performance at the end of the year. They wear tons of stage makeup for this gala event. Hence - Dance Recital mascara. It really does look like false eyelashes. I love it.

For reference, see, Celia Rivenbark, Chapter 3, “Sorry I Can’t Make it to the Recital (I’m Planning on Poking Myself in the Eye With a Sharp Stick That Night.)” . In, We’re Just Like You, Only Prettier.

(A note from Christine, I looked this one up. Less than $10 in Canada (Amazon and Shoppers Drug Mart), cruelty free, vegan.  Several types, the False Lash (not waterproof) is the one that's so popular.

2 and 3. : Isehan Kiss Me Heroine Make Long & Curl & Super Water Proof Mascara + Kiss Me Speedy Mascara Remover : Beauty & Personal Care

Here is the Concrete mascara. I include the remover because you truly cannot get it off with regular mascara remover. The mascara isn't volumizing, but it covers each lash and totally stays put. As in, doesn't even think about budging. You can sleep in it and go out the door the next day looking as put-together as when you first applied it. (Not that I would ever do this!). The remover is in a tube like the mascara. The wand makes it surround each lash to thoroughly melt all the mascara, while somehow being gentle on the eyes.

4, the brow product.

Dior Diorshow Brow Styler Ultrafine Precision Brow Pencil | Nordstrom

This is my favorite eyebrow pencil. I am very fair and have invisible eyebrows. Estee Lauder has non-orange eyebrow pencils for pale persons, but this one has such a fine tip I don't know why anyone with sparse brows would use anything else. The blonde color is subtle, yet noticeable. I love trying new makeup, but I"m sticking with this one.

5, a bonus product: : marcelle bb cream golden glow

We didn't talk about this one, but I'm including it because it is such a find. I don't know the difference between a BB cream and a CC cream - not sure anyone does - but this is a beautiful sheer foundation. I wear it and I'm True Spring, my sister-in-law who is Light Spring wears it, and my Soft Summer niece wears it. I like it better than a highly-recommended Armani foundation I have. I now force myself to use the Armani, because I feel guilty about  not using something that was such a splurge. The Golden Glow gives the skin a soft, warm polish. 


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In Part 2 of our conversation with style blogger, Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled Life, Jennifer tells us of her recent colour analysis with Sci\ART analyst, Terry Wildfong, and shares some of the colour advice she's received over the years.

Duration total: 34.44 minutes

We gladly respond to comments and answer questions in the Comments section for each episode at:



Jennifer's blog, A Well Styled Life.

Find Jennifer and A Well Styled Life on Instagram.
Find Jennifer on YouTube.
A Well Styled Life is here on Facebook

Sci\ART colour analyst and trainer Terry Wildfong is here at Chrysalis Colour

Source for Sci\ART Classic and Corporate 12 Season palettes at True Colour International.


We chat with a style blogger with a focus on mature women about Personal Colour Analysis (PCA). Jennifer Connolly of A Well Styled Life tells us of her journey to know her colours through various eras, PCA systems, and results, and shares what sets the Sci\ART system apart.

Duration total: 43.30 minutes



Jennifer's blog, A Well Styled Life.

Find Jennifer and A Well Styled Life on Instagram.
Find Jennifer on YouTube.
A Well Styled Life is here on Facebook
Jorunn and Nordic Simplicity are here on YouTube.
Christine's video featuring Betty White on YouTube: Wearing Colours with Silver Hair



We discuss our own colour challenges and invite each Season to try activities to flex and strengthen their colour muscles.

  1. Christine's challenge (5.46)
  2. Jorunn's challenge (12.51)
  3. Challenges for Winters (30.09)
  4. Challenges for Springs (38.37)
  5. Challenges for Summers (46.29)
  6. Challenges for Autumns (55.23)
  7. Challenges for all (66.01)

Duration: 1hr16min



Photo credit: Photo by Marco Topete on Unsplash

Project 333 by Courtney Carver is here at Be More With Less.

Sheila Matheiken on wearing the same dress for a year with accessories, at The Uniform Project.

Elizabeth Withey on wearing the same dress for a year, here on YouTube.

Book by Cait Flanders, A Year of Less, is here at Amazon.


We discuss the questions that colour analysts are asked often (or wish we got asked!):

  1. So, what Season am I? (1.30 min.)
  2. "I can't tell warm from cool." (5.31 min.)
  3. My Facebook group said...(14.20 min.)
  4. Is colour analysis (PCA) only for Caucasian skin tones? (25.20 min.)
  5. Are the 12 Seasons evenly distributed in the population? (37.42 min.)
  6. How can people who look so different be the same Season? (40.19 min.)
  7. Mythbusting. (41.43 min.)
  8. But first, announcing Jorunn's upcoming online course, How (not) to wear black. (41.53 min.)
  9. Myth #1: Black looks professional. (44.22 min.)
  10. Myth #2: Black is slimming. (49.45 min.)
  11. Myth #3: High quality clothing only comes in black. (52.47 min.)
  12. Jorunn's recent PCA trip to London UK. (54.37 min.)

Duration total: 1hr3min



Photo credit:  Photo by Towfiqu barbhuiya on Unsplash

Christine's YouTube video (black tux at 10.31): Colour Analyst Reacts to Eddie Redmayne's Colour Evolution

Journalist Esther Honig’s article, What Being beautiful means in 25 countries: What being beautiful means in 25 countries around the world | indy100 | indy100

Christine's YouTube video on Lupita Nyong'o: Colour Analyst Reacts to Lupita Nyong'o's Colour Evolution

Model gallery at Trinny London with examples of tonal variations in lips with deeper skin tones.

Jorunn's blog post and quiz on warm and cool:

Jorunn's blog post with the 12 LinkedIn videos: Simple business casual outfits

Nordic Simplicity emails signup: 



We share an honest conversation about the hidden costs of chemical hair colour with a focus on women over 40 and the choice to wear silver hair. This is not an episode about which colour to dye for your Season (covered in Episodes 12-17 under the Podcast tab). It is an episode about why not to (besides the time and cost), and how the reasoning that keeping options open might in reality be keeping us further from our real selves and best possibilities.

Duration total: 54.48 minutes



Photo by Valeriia Kogan on Unsplash

Jorunn's Newsletter with the new tagline is Nordic Simplicity, Get Nordic Style.

Christine's YouTube video with the great comment regarding empowerment is entitled, Is Christine A Summer? Part 2.  

The full Chrysalis Colour podcast directory, including the hair colour episodes 12-17, is here


Jorunn and Christine discuss how they use online shopping for themselves, their clients, and their websites. They explain their colour choosing process in detail, and reveal their hits, misses, and the colours and products that cause them anxiety.

Duration total: 68 minutes



J's Nordic Simplicity e-mail newsletter is at: 

J's Bespoke e-mail newsletter is at: 

For C’s Paperback, Season e-books, and makeup Samples Sets:

a)  N. America, visit the shop at

b) Outside N. America, e-mail to or via the Contact form on the 12 Blueprints website link above.

C’s YouTube video on Beyonce is at:

 C’s favourite source for full spectrum lighting is, small bulb size at:  (In any brand of full spectrum bulb, look for CRI >95 and CRT 5000K or higher.)

C’s post on Chrysalis Colour about Choosing Gold for Your Skintone is at: How to Choose Gold for Your Skintone

Beautypedia for excellent reviews on skin care and cosmetic products is at:

J’s BB cream-foundation is at: 

J's link to the blog post on machine wash dye is at: 

C’s Pinterest boards for the 12 Seasons are at:



We speak with nature, professional, and brand photographer, Viktorija Gedrimiene, about her latest venture in boudoir photography. Join us for a candid conversation about the challenges of body image self-perception, the standards that women face, and how seeing ourselves as beautiful can be a first step in healing. (39.10 min.)



Contact information for Viktorija:






Jorunn's book recs:

Beyond Beautiful: A practical guide to being happy, confident and you in a looks-obsessed world. By Anouschka Rees, here at Amazon.

Man’s Search for Meaning. By Viktor Frankl, here at Amazon.

Christine's YouTube videos: 

Colour Analyst Reacts to Women Going Grey

Colour Analyst Reacts to Blondes Going Brunette


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