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A podcast about colour analysis in the wild. The hosts Christine Scaman and Jorunn Hernes talk about topics related to colour analysis and how to use colours to make your days brighter, your wardrobe more enjoyable, and your life easier. For detailed show notes and links, visit

Our conversation takes a practical approach to shopping for gray for the 4 True Seasons and their 8 Neutral (combination) Seasons. 



  1. What is 'neutral gray'? (at 4.05)
  2. Is there a gray that goes with everything? (6.50)
  3. What are warm and cool gray? (8.07)
  4. How do I choose 'saturated gray'? (9.30
  5. Autumn grays (17.00)
  6. Spring grays (27.00)
  7. Summer grays (37.02)
  8. Winter grays (45.23) 

Neutrals Sets  of fabrics are here at 12 BLUEPRINTS.

The 12 BLUEPRINTS Pinterest boards are here

A video with examples of saturated greys with low saturation colours and vice versa is here at Nordic Simplicity.

A Practical Approach to Shopping is here at 12 BLUEPRINTS.

Benjamin Moore Grizzly Bear Brown:

Sherwin Williams Gauntlet Gray:

Photo credit: Photo by Ankhesenamun on Unsplash



In today's show, we discuss ways of using your Seasonal colour palette to see colours as they are and make beautiful choices when shopping.

Duration total: 53.56 minutes

Photo credit: Artem Beliaikin on Unsplash. 



Colour analyst and trainer, Terry Wildfong, is here at Chrysalis Colour.

Jorunn’s free mini-course on using your colour fan is here at Nordic Simplicity. 

Jorunn’s blog post about shopping online is here at Nordic Simplicity.

12 BLUEPRINTS PCA Pinterest boards are here.

Neutrals Sets of fabrics are here at the Shop at 12 BLUEPRINTS.

The blog post, Soft Summer Cosmetics, including harmonizing cosmetics (at 11.08) is here at 12 BLUEPRINTS. 



In today's show,

We discuss shortcuts, tips, and tricks for makeup to apply and appear the way we want. Our conversation is informal, with topics generally covered as follows: 

  1. Lipstick and concealer to avoid 'resting bitch' face as per Lisa Eldridge (video link in Show Notes), at 6.14 min
  2. Lipliner, at 10.14 min
  3. Concealer around eyes, at 11.58 min
  4. Translucent powder on upper lids, at 15.52 min
  5. How not to apply eyeliner, at 18.53 min
  6. Lower lid eyeliner, at 22.40 min
  7. Foundation as extended moisturizer/sunscreen, at 27.16 min
  8. Highlighters and contour, at 36.05  min
  9. Lipstick as blush, at 45.07 min
  10. Foundation and concealer in the T-zone, at 48.27 min
  11. A lipstick brush, at 53.00 min
  12. Brow wax separate from colour, at 57.22 min
  13. Lighting, at 1.02 hr

Duration total: 1.13 hr



Lisa Eldridge video on avoiding resting bitch face is here at YouTube.

Smashbox lid primer is here at Smashbox.

@eyegirlmd on Instagram for information on eyeliner application.

BLUEPRINTS Imperfect eyeshadow is here in the Shop at 12 BLUEPRINTS.

BLUEPRINTS Transformer is here in the Shop at 12 BLUEPRINTS. 

L’Oréal Infallible Super Slim eyeliner is here at L'Oreal Paris USA.     (note, Christine uses Gray on lower lid and Black on upper, both in the thinnest possible line, or gray on both lids for casual wear. In order, apply primer to face first (Cover Girl TruBlend Mattifying) and primer to upper lids (Smashbox above), then apply lower lid liner, next foundation on entire face, then translucent powder to face and upper lids, then upper lid liner and continue with rest of makeup application).

Maybelline Master Chrome Jelly highlighter is here at Maybelline.   (note, Master Chrome Metallic is a different product; while I have not tried it, the shine appears less finely milled)

Inglot Aquastic eyeshadow is here at Inglot

First Aid Beauty Coconut Smoothie Priming Moisturizer is here at First Aid Beauty

BLUEPRINTS Clear Brow Wax is here in the Shop at 12 BLUEPRINTS. 

Clamp light, an example here at Home Depot.

Non-specific bulb for clamp light: Philips 100W (14W) LED Indoor A19 Non-dimmable Daylight (5000K)

Yuji International Lighting Information page.



The order of topics is:

  1. Our chat with Debi about her process for choosing frames (from 2.00 - 21.00 min).  Within this period, the discussion for the image below labelled Soft Summer glasses begins at 827 min. Our thoughts about Jorunn's glasses, for the image labelled Rimless and Navy below, begins at 11.20 min.  The conversation with the image below labelled Navy, Red, and Black begins at 16.06 min.
  2. Transition to discussing frames for the Seasons begins at 21.10 min, with Seasons order as follows:
  3. Winter at 24.31 min
  4. Summer at 32.41 min
  5. Autumn at 37.45  min
  6. Spring at 44.13 min

Duration total: 49.37 minutes

Listeners joining us on Spotify or Apple Podcasts, visit the blog post at Chrysalis Colour under the Podcasts tab, Episode 23, to view the images we discuss. 


Debi's website is in progress. In the meantime, contact Debi through her colour analyst page here at Chrysalis Colour or via her Facebook page at Bloom PCA.

The site Debi used for choosing frames is here at Zenni Optical.

Jorunn's Bright Winter course is here at Nordic Simplicity.

E-books and the paperback with information about the Seasons are here at the 12 BLUEPRINTS shop.

Neutrals Sets of fabrics for the Seasons are here at the 12 BLUEPRINTS shop. 



We are joined by the creator of the Align Style Analysis system, Florentina Mossou in The Netherlands.  We learn how our body dimensions are translated to clothing shapes and designs in harmony with our own. Florentina also introduces the Align Makeup Masterclasses, a series of blog posts here on Chrysalis under the Blog tab and also linked in the Show Notes. 

Duration total: 24.35 minutes



Contact Florentina by email at

Florentina's Pinterest boards for the 16 Align body types are here. 

The intro post (part 1 of 7) for the Align Makeup Masterclasses is here at Chrysalis Colour

Christine's 5 Favourite Beauty Products of 2020 is here at 12 BLUEPRINTS.




Style Coach, Anna Lazarska, of Perfect Mood Board, is with us for the third part our conversation. Today, the discussion centres around what makes your styles and colours truly personal and individual, and how you choose to express your preferences, tastes, and lifestyle in how you dress.

Duration total: 33.05 minutes



Anna's Style Strategy is on her website: The Perfect Mood Board.

Find Anna here on Instagram.

Anna's LinkedIn profile page is here.

Part 1 of our conversation with Anna is in Episode 18. Part 2 with Anna is in Episode 19. Both are found at Chrysalis Colour under the Podcasts tab

The Style Challenge program for the New Year is here



We enjoy an informal conversation about Seasons for pets and celebrities.

Pets begins at 2.20 min.

Celebrities begins at 11.29 min.

Duration total: 38.30 minutes



Jorunn's blog post about listeners' pets is here at Nordic Simplicity.

The Cate Blanchett series:

Picture 1 (the Western movie) is here at Pinterest. 

Picture 2 (the Winter image) is here at Pinterest. 

Picture 3 (the Spring image) is here at Pinterest. 

Picture 4 (Summer image in blue cloche hat) is here at Pinterest

Picture 5 (red lips and apricot hair) is here at Pinterest.

Picture 6 (darker ash brown hair) is here at Pinterest


Style coach Anna Lazarska of Perfect Mood Board in Poland joins us once more. In this episode, Anna explains image archetype and how knowing your type leads to your most flattering clothing styles and designs.

Duration total: 34.20 minutes



Anna's Style Strategy is on her website: The Perfect Mood Board.

Find Anna here on Instagram.

Anna's LinkedIn profile page is here.

Rachel Nachmias is at Best Dressed in Philadelphia.

David Kibbe's book, Style Metamorphosis, is here on Amazon.



Anna Lazarska is our guest as we discuss colour analysis, image archetype, and how the strategies to find the common ground between them in her personal style led to the creation of a style coaching business. 


Anna's Style Strategy is on her website: The Perfect Mood Board.

Anna's hair colour post here on Chrysalis.

Anna's post, One Woman, Four Versions here on Chrysalis.

The Chrysalis podcast, Episode 15: Hair Colour for Winters is here.

Find Anna here on Instagram.

Anna's LinkedIn profile page is here.




We discuss hair colour for the 3 Autumns, True, Soft, and Dark, including natural and chemical colours and colours to avoid. 

  1. True Autumn (natural colours begins at 8.11 min; chemical colour at 16.06; to avoid at 22.25)
  2. Soft Autumn (natural colours at 23.37; chemical colour at 26.07; to avoid at 32.19)
  3. Dark Autumn (natural colours at 32.52; chemical colour at 34.57; to avoid at 37.46)
  4. Silver for the 3 Autumns (at 39.02)

Duration total: 41.11 minutes


Photo by Soroush Karimi on Unsplash

Courtenay St. John is here on Chrysalis under the Colour Analysts>Massachusetts tab, or her on her website at Studio St. John Colors

Courtenay’s own hair colour blog post here on Chrysalis Colour. 

The 12 BLUEPRINTS True Autumn Pinterest board is here.

The 12 BLUEPRINTS Dark Autumn Pinterest board is here. 


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